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OH shit the quirk! This song is so damn legit. I'm lovin the pop of the song especially the off bop. SO DAMN AMAZING! ^_^

ok ok, now to a more legit review...
Intro- builds intensity rapidly with the repetition and build up noise.
First Melody- the pop brings a smile with some light headbanging to the kicks.
Glitch Arc thing- Ugh, I'm loving the glitch reverb.
Middle build up- The strings bring the song back to a serious note that makes the listener feel legit.
Second Melody- feeling good with the slowed bpm that just feels smooth
Repeat First Melody- Same pop that makes me smile with a tease drop.
Outro- Taking the melody and adding water to smooth it out

You are truly one talented person.
Coming back to Newgrounds to hear this just makes my day.

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